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Related article: Date : Sun, 12 September 2004 21 24th 49 -0500 From: bi_05_tex yahoo. com ~ ~ V Subject: Ben and Me: Part II Now, here is the end for Ben and I are not you? You only need to read it. Again I say that if you are offended by, or are too young to read about homosexuality, you can not read the following story. Thank you, , and enjoy. Ben and I Part II I awoke the next morning with a smile and a rigid bar. I dreamed of as nothing Ben that night. I jumped up and ran to get my clothes for my shower. I could not wait to tell Ben about my new feelings for him. I ran to the shower and hot water was the front and my still rock hard erection. The drops hit my head the tail and made me moan. Then I began to masturbate. I started with my asshole Young Model Galleries and it was agreed that there was a bottle of lotion on the top of the toilet. He grabbed and squeezed a little on my fingers. Then little by Young Model Galleries little put two fingers in my ass and began to rummage in it. I moved my fingers around the in my ass and I felt even hornier if I have a specific place ( my contact prostate for pleasure... unknown to me at that time). I rubbed and pulls, until it blew a load on the shower floor. At last he to wash around me and got dressed. On my way out the door, I grabbed my bag and headed for the bus. About 10 minutes later, my bus arrived at the bus stop. I jumped up and put in my seat. One of my friends looked at me. I suppose it could be seen surprised me with a smile on the bus. She asked. " Why is everyone so happy Yesterday we saw a sudden fear of something," " Come here and tell you. " It was my great friend Christina. I I knew I could say anything. She was like my sister. It remains my friend s today. " Yesterday I was affraid speaks of a situation that happened me. Remember that you stayed with a man touched my ass in the history yesterday? " " Yes, why ? " N "I met him in the bathroom next to the gym after school yesterday. " " Who was he ? " " Ben Crosby, you know, thE - quarterback. He said he wanted to do things me. I was shocked when I really liked what started n wanted me to do. " " What have you done ? " " Well, first I had to touch his Young Model Galleries penis, to stop complaining. Then I started stroking it. I started strong and got scared. " " Oh, my God. Ben Gay? Oh, and why a change in attitude towards what is happening ? They seem happier than yesterday. " " I went home that night and looked at some gay porn. I never had as an orgasm when I look at and jerk. Then I for Ben and me in porn. It was a delight. I think I'm gay Christina. " " I'll always be your friend Bri. You know that. No matter what anyone says,. " " Thank you, Cristina. " arrived late at school a few minutes, and I began to feel abandoned. I could not wait to see Ben. Suddenly, who would Young Model Galleries have thought it behind me. He took me to an empty hallway next to the janitor's office. " I'm sorry about yesterday, Brian. notrecurrence. I had to know what it was. Do not tell anyone. " I smiled and looked at his eyes shone with tears in fear that I realized I said.. " No apology necessary. I felt something I yesterday by fear. I thought, and I realized that it was n affraid of my true feelings. "I rose to the highest youth before and kissed me. Ben then put his hand on my ass and squeezed. We kissed for a minute or two good, and retired. " Why did you leave ? "I said licking my lips with eyes closed. " We are still in school, remember? Meet my butt in my truck and can do something. My rents are out of town. My house is empty and my friends to go today evening drink. " " See you then. "Ben leaned over and kissed me. I felt a flutter in my heart. I could not believe I am. I was so in love. At noon, Christina wanted me to sit with her. You I saw and I said, " If I were you and Ben. " " Really? I think I love him. He is so beautiful. Icould give you a kiss every day. " " The problem is, then friends of her husband. They spread around the the whole school. " " Oh, no. " One of my friends came to the table and said," Hey, fruit! I hear you kisses to the children. " " I... eh... " " You're a fucking fagot. Admit. Like the ass. You damn... " The boy looked up to see Ben around. " Hello fru... ahhh! "Ben, my old friend was Young Model Galleries beaten. " Call me a fruit! Let's fuck shit ! Call me a fruit! See what s happening! " My" old "friend Stephen was on the floor and said : " Fruit homo flames... "Ben met Stephen again. " You know it's true, Ben. Y Brian were hitting the bars of ram. Admit it, fruitcake ! "Ben brought back Stephen meet again, but I stopped him. " Ben, stop. Not worth it. Do it for me. " " Stephen, you're pathetic, man. I admit it. I want Brian. I have feelings to him. When torture to hear it again ever, I'll kill you. " Ben and I went into the yard. " What did you thinkBen? "N " I love you, Brian. I could not bear to see what would happen if he Would you have done. " " We do not even know very well, however, Ben. I know you have strong feelings for me. I have them too. Try to control and easy. I I no to the alternative school. Then I saw you before. " Just then Ben football friends to him, the head of the to them, Stan, said. " Ben, we need to talk with you, man. " " What? " " Look, whether you're gay. We only know what we have your back if you want to get that little ass motherfucker. " ", I thought you would have thought I was gay. " " Come on, you seem to like it more than any other Circle Jerks. We realized you were gay. We will not be prejudice. " " Thank you, Stan. " " The kids are behind me, right guys ? "The group of boys soccer grunt much as they do after their heads together. " Look, Ben? " " Thanks guys. " The boys were, and Ben looked at me. " Young Model Galleries We have nothing to fear is afight now. These guys are true to their word. Nobody will think about it, fucks with us now. " After school I met Ben in his truck. I went in and closed the door. The kissed me and started the engine. We arrived home a few minutes later. We leave the hands and waiting car and ran to the door, as school. When we walked in, picked me up and I closed my legs around his waist. turned his back against the wall and started to exchange saliva. his hands were big in the ass and her hands in the back of his head. I felt so free. I was so in love. We broke our kiss long enough for Ben to help me in your room and get me. lay on Young Model Galleries his bed and at the top. I felt his warm flesh against mine. he looked into my eyes. " would you? "He asked. " I think so. " " if I stay in, I can say to go. I'm not going to have, if You can not do. " " OK to use some lotion at least. " Ben stood up and pulled out a tube of KY droor comfortable. Was back to meand said, I bent over doggy style and he Young Model Galleries spread my cheek "Get Dog. '. I felt the cold lotion on my ass and his fingers fall in my ass. It felt so good. Then in a quick change, I felt a think - replacing toes hot rod. It hurt at first, but soon began to enjoy it. Ben pumped his ass full of human flesh. I groaned and pulled my flesh as his gapped my manhole. I could not believe the feeling that I felt. that pumped more and more difficult... faster and faster. He began to moan. his hands tight around my waist. Is pumped increasingly difficult. Then, felt a warm flow of fluid in the ass. I've heard of Ben wheezing. " Oh... yeah... that's all. " He said his lower body was shaking orgasm. I was still nervous, but had not peaked yet. Ben went and said, I lie on my back. I did what I said. He went downstairs and began to lick my balls. I could not believe what is happening there. The soccer star players licked my balls and had just filled his ass with her ​​man juice. I licked the sroad and took him to the mouth. He went upstairs and at the bottom. Her hands grabbed mine and put it on his head. Then put his hands around my waist. I knew what I wanted. I started pushing his head on my tail. I felt the back of the throat and jaw felt a my flesh. I felt his warm saliva begins to run, my scrotum. looked at me and asked, "Do you like this, do not you think ? " Ben muttered yes he could through the small openings around the Young Model Galleries cock in the mouth of his s. I Young Model Galleries started hitting her head on my cock harder. I went faster and and quickly began to improve. I felt a surge in my cock. I blew the biggest load of s that I had ever flown directly into the mouth of Ben. He Surprisingly swallowed. All the girls I had to spit BJs would be of sperm in the trash, but Ben is taken every bit of it. When Ben finished, he lay down beside me. "They want to spend the night? No of a party tonight. It is our bye week. " N " Absolutely. " I leaned over and kissed him. I called my dad and satIdentification that was fine. That night, Ben and I is complete. We were gay, and now, among others. None of us had said our parents yet, but soon they were told. We spent the night cuddling and watching movies. I fell into his arms aleep muscualr. I felt so wanted to have. I did not stop there. I was in love. My gay first love.
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